Now available! Microsoft meets Community: Windows Virtual Desktop (second edition) recordings


I still remember it as if it was yesterday, writing the recap of the first edition of this Microsoft meets Community event. I started the article with “A huge success—cannot say more”. This second event exceeded my most humble expectations as we had 2830 registrations and almost 1100 live attendees in total - this second event. 500 more than last.


“Community is like a big family

Encouraged by feedback from the community after the 1st edition, we brought together again a great set of speakers envisioning the virtual desktop of the future, sharing learnings, best practices, tools, and services. Closing the event with a product update session from Microsoft colleague from the WVD Engineering team, Pieter Wigleven - out of Redmond.


THANK YOU to all the speakers, everyone who attended, and everyone's overall support!


We need you!

Are you interested in speaking at the next Microsoft meets Community event? Sharing your best practices, field experience, or customer story related to Windows Virtual Desktop - feel free to reach out to me via social media!


Virtual backstage footage

Some of the behind the scenes pictures of the recording as well as the virtual ON24 platform we used on the day itself.


Some of the feedback of attendees. 

Here’s some of the feedback we received via social media directly after the event. 


  • A great session loaded with good tips and information, thanks 8)
  • Thanks, Christiaan Brinkhoff, it was great! Valuable content for the WVD community.
  • Enjoyed the session today.
  • Thanks again! Great event full of valuable information for all of us! :thumbs_up:
  • Great sessions. Keep on track


Session Recording

You can find all the recordings, and community contact details below to keep informed about the content and the speaker of our second event! Names are in order of original agenda times.



#1 – Opening Keynote – Envision the (virtual) desktop of the future – Christiaan Brinkhoff



#2 - The power of a community and some WVD Lessons learned from the field – Neil McLoughlin and Stefan Dingemanse from

RecordingTwitter (Neil) - Blog (Neil) – Twitter (Stefan) - Blog (Stefan)

Make sure to follow the website as well as their Twitter



#3 - Windows Virtual Desktop: Automation (with Azure DevOps, Azure Image Builder, ARM Templates & PowerShell) – Esther Barthel




#4 - Sharing everything you want to know about Windows Virtual Desktop – notes from the field – Robin Hobo and Gertjan Jongeneel

Recording – deck – Twitter (Robin) – Blog (Robin) – Twitter (Gertjan)



#5 - Exploring perceived WVD user experience – Benny Tritsch

RecordingTwitter - Blog



#6 - Session Host Auto Scaling and Monitoring with Log Analytics – Travis Roberts from

RecordingTwitter - Blog



#7 - Pieter Wigleven - WVD Engineering, from Redmond - Recent product updates!

RecordingTwitter - Blog


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