No Microphone and Camera redirection support in WVD clients

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"Windows Virtual Desktop does not officially support Skype for Business and Teams."


Will it work, even without being supported as it is in preview?


Is this because of the deployment method of the Teams app (buried deep in the user profile) or because the microphone and camera redirection is not working in the HTML5 client and the new Remote Desktop client?


I can imagine that the multi user Virtual Desktop with O365 experience, but without all the communication apps (Skype / Teams) is less useful than anticipated. Is there a timeline when this will be added to the setup?


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We cannot make any statement different than the one posted in the official document. However nothing stops you from trying.
FYI - Some client (like installable out of box) may work better than other HTml5

@Stefan Georgiev, seeing that no native RDP apps are support (or working in my case) I will just have to wait until Microphone support is added I guess:


"Don't use RemoteApp and Desktop Connections (RADC) or Remote Desktop Connection (MSTSC) to access Windows Virtual Desktop resources because Windows Virtual Desktop doesn't support either client."





I find this unbelievable that there is no support for SFB and Team in the offering. Its a vital part of O365. The way teams installs under a local profile is likely to make this even harder to get working in the future either on a multisession W10 desktop or as a remoteapp.


I've created a user voice for this here. Please vote up




@HandA Note Teams generally does not (yet) support VDI, this is not limited to WVD. General support for Teams in VDI was announced recently:

Historically also SfB only supported real-time communication in VDI in combination with Citrix HDX, similar above mentioned blog also mentions that the Teams team is looking into this scenario.

@JanoschUThanks for that information. That's helpful and looks like it might be coming soon. I've never looked at this before having only previously worked with SFB through Citrix on a VDI.


MS is hinting on something coming up for meetings and calling: 

"The Teams calling and meeting experience isn't optimized for a VDI environment (coming soon)."


For now it is advised to turn off all calling and meeting features, which is (in my case) not an option because all users have other devices (besides WVD) which do have those camera and microphone capabilities. Besides WVD is in Preview so we will just have to explain why it's not working. I do hope for a speedy addition of calling and meeting capabilities before WVD will go GA. Hopefully without going the Citrix route...

Hi all, can anyone confirm if mic, audio and camera redirection are now working on WVD? Thanks!

@Shong5  It does work provided you're using the Remote Desktop app to connect. The Mac Remote Desktop app seems to have issues with the Mic and Camera, more often than not, but the Windows client is rock solid in our experience.