New Teams Update Issues

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Just getting to grips with the new Teams in AVD.

Can see in the client that there is an update, select Update and Restart, it closes. Then it re-opens and shows that it still requires an update.

I then looked at the event log and can see that it has indeed errored, anyone come across this?





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Thanks for this, I did indeed just re-install again, but had only just installed it for the first time the day before. I'm finding all sorts of issues with deploying this in AVD.
Have just done one now where its fine on the image using the bootstrapper install, sysprepped, deployed, the users then found the new teams icon greyed out and an error stating it needs re-installing. Not too mention the Outlook addin not always staying installed.
Things have got to improve.

@Kidd_Ip Just to add what I said before. This seems to be the issue. So I install the new Teams using the bootstrapper on the image. All looks fine. I then Sysprep and deploy. This is all the user gets.


New Teams is greyed out:




When you click it you get the following error:




We have the latest FSlogix hotfix 3 installed. Even logged in with a local account outside of FSLogix, same issue. Patched to March.


If I were to deploy this to 30 session hosts I can't be logging into each one of them to manually fix. Also when it comes to redeploy again i'll be in the same boat.


Followed the instruction to the letter, including installing bootstrapper -p -o and using the msix file.


New Teams opens fine before Sysprep. Any ideas what could be wrong?




I've raised this to Microsoft Support. Done it at several clients now where the New Teams is disabled/broken after sysprep.

@KevHalThanks for posting this. Seeing the exact same issue. Have also opened a case but let us know if you hear anything.


Hello everyone,
we have experienced the identical behavior:
Here our test steps: 
  1. Create Ref-VM based on Win 10 Ent Multisession 22H2 from the Azure store
  2. Start, VM, Login as Local Admin, uninstall FSLogix version X
  3. Reboot Ref-VM
  4. Install FSLogix version 2.9.8784.63912
  5. Set registry keys: 
    name: IsWVDEnvironment
    type: DWORD
    value: 1

    name: disableAutoUpdate
    type: DWORD
    value: 1

  6. Install New MS Teams Version Teamsbootstrapper.exe -p -o c:\install\MSTeams-x64.msix
  7. check MS Teams status with:    PS>Get-AppxPackage -Name msteams*


8. run Sysprep.exe /generalize /oobe /quiet /shutdown /mode:vm
9. capture the image -> Azure Compute Gallery
10. create Test-VM from new Gallery Image
11. login with local admin
12. check MS Teams status with:    PS>Get-AppxPackage -Name msteams*

Icon in the start menu -> greyed out...



Teams doesn't start......




Once we change the sysprep command from:
Sysprep.exe /generalize /oobe /quiet /shutdown /mode:vm
to ...

Sysprep.exe /generalize /oobe /quiet /shutdown

the problem seems to be solved... but the provisioning process for new vm's needs more time



What is the exact funtion of the sysprep switch mode:vm?

Regards, Patrick



For a Multi-Session Environment, are people disabling the update of Teams 2.1 by setting the registry key? I see that Teams 2.1 is pretty much updated on a daily bases at the moment.
If we leave it to self update, are we going to run into issues say one session host is on an older version compared to another one. Or are you just disabling Teams updates altogether by setting the registry key, what issues could that bring down the line.  What happens with the Teams Addin if we allow it to self update but per-user MSI is blocked (Which is best practice).
Just weighing up best practice options for multi-session environments.