Multiple monitors problem

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I'm trying to use multiple monitors in WVD without success even I activated the fonction in PowerShell.


Any ideas or solutions?

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@Yann96 What command did you use to enable multi-mon?

@David Belanger 


Set-RdsHostPool -TenantName <tenantname> -Name <hostpoolname> -CustomRdpProperty "use multimon:i:1"

@Yann96 Can you see if the local RDP file has the setting? From the start menu, find the desktop in question in the list of apps, right-click / open file location, right-click on the desktop in Explorer and select Properties. This should have the path to the local RDP file you can open in Notepad to see if the setting is visible.

@David BelangerOn the PC who is trying to connect to the VM or the VM?  I'm not sure what to do.  I'm able to use multiple monitors if I use the standard rdp but not with the rdp where I can use the link to connect.

@Yann96 Which client are you using to connect to WVD?

@David Belanger  Bureau à distance Application 10.1.1149.0

@Yann96 OK, that explains it. You are using the Remote Desktop client from the Microsoft Store. That client doesn't currently support multiple monitors.


I recommend you install the main Windows Desktop client and give that at try:


@David BelangerI installed the new version with the link you gave to me and I'm not able to use multiple screen. 

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@Yann96 the following documentation explains how to configure the display settings from the client side:


However, if you have configured the custom property for multi-mon from the server side, it should take effect automatically.

@Yann96What David is referring to in the link he provided is that you can right-click on the desktop resource from the RD Client and click 'Settings' then on the right side make sure that 'Use multiple displays' is on and the dispays you want to use is selected.

Do you solve your problem?