Multi vs Single Session Registry Key

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Is anyone aware of a reliable specific registry key that can be used to determine whether an AVD is single session or multi session? I know you can get it via script but looking to setup a dependency in InTune based on a registry key.




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@Grimknight You can use the following command 

reg query "hklm\software\microsoft\windows nt\currentversion" /v ProductName




@askaresh Thank you for your response. I do not get the same results as you do though. I think I found another key and will be using it.


HKLM\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion:EditionID. SingleSession is coming back with "Enterprise" and Multisession is coming back with "ServerRdsh".


Thanks again!


Thanks for the additional insights! Strange it works for me on my golden image.. My image is from the Microsoft marketplace.