MSRDC client auto-refresh cause login prompt after RDP logout

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Hello all,

our company use the WVD with MSRDC client on Windows secured with MFA (AAD conditional access policy, described here:

A few versions of MSRDC back we started to have issue with annoying pop-up Microsoft login prompt after logout from WVD RDP session.

I have noticed the MSRDC do the workspace feed refresh automatically after a period. I guess the issue could be caused by MFA policy which require to re-confirm MFA prompt each hour and if the last workspace feed refresh was unsuccessfully, the client will show the Microsoft login prompt after WVD logout automatically.

We did not make any changes in MFA policy - we have only installed the MSRDC updates continuously.

Do you know if the auto-refresh function in MSRDC could be disabled by some config, registry, etc.?


Thank you for your help.

Tomas B.

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Was this ever fixed.  We have W365 Enterprise cloud pcs in azure vnet and conditional access policy for ALL CLOUD APPS to enforce MFA on logon.  This works on the website but when using MSRDC client to get multi mon support they are only prompted for MFA when subscribing. After that they can RDP directly with password.  This is not good!  How do I secure MSRDC client access to W365 pcs?