MSIX app attach using portal isn't working


Adding MSIX app in my subscription has been enabled. I have added a app and later assigned it to a user group successfully. But when i login to WVD desktop session, i don't see MSIX app present.. Not sure if missed out on something else, any inputs?  

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I've reported the same issue. I know the MSIX package used works as it will run locally if I have the app installer enabled. Seems to be an issue in WVD but I can't find any troubleshooting info.

@Praveen Kumar My mistake was that I hadn't imported the self-signed certificate into the Trusted Root Certification Authorities on the local computer.  Have you made sure you've done this and it is installed for the computer instead of your account?


I signed the app using device guard version 1 and created the MSIX app. I can install the device guard root certificate in the session host and will update.. 


You will have to install the cert under trusted people