MSIX app attach is now generally available



We’re excited to announce that MSIX app attach for Windows Virtual Desktop is now generally available! MSIX app attach in Windows Virtual Desktop builds on top of MSIX and existing Windows Virtual Desktop features to dynamically deliver MSIX packaged applications to users.


MSIX app attach in Windows Virtual Desktop offers:

A way to manage MSIX app attach with the Windows Virtual Desktop management UI

The ability to assign MSIX applications to users and user groups  

Delivery of MSIX applications to users through both RemoteApps and Remote Desktop

New ways to use the Windows Virtual Desktop service and its features  


Getting started:

Check out our documentation at

We also have a walkthrough and sample MSIX packages at our blog at


Additional information:


Setting up Azure Files for MSIX app attach - Step by step guide on computer account auth for Azure Files - Microsoft Tech Community

Setting up Azure NetApp File for MSIX app attach - Setting up Azure NetApp Files for MSIX App Attach | Step-by-Step Guide - Microsoft Tech Community

Create MSIX images -



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does this include ga for cimfs?
Thanks Stefan, it's great news!
Can you please guide in this scenario : how to upgrade the application and republished again or push the updated version of application?
Is this generally available in GCC High environments?
Not yet
Not, yet on the GA for CIMFS. We are waiting on a fix to get propagate back to 2004 version of windows
Working on article and video here but in short
1) Add v1 of MSIX package, set it to active
2) publish host pool and assign to user
3) Add v2 of MSIX package, set it to active
4) automatically V1 package become inactive
5) users start to get V2 next time they logoff/login
Hey, is there a VHDX size limit for MSIX app attach? No issue with smaller apps (several hundred MBs), but I am having an issue with a 3.5GB VHDX. I get the message "Virtual disk not found"
Yet undocumented feature. Server 2022 LTSC will support MSIX AppAttach. Means RDSH and Citrix VAD can leverage this technology. Eventually for a smoother transition off Windows Server RDSH.

Dear @Stefan Georgiev are there any news regarding MSIX and MSIX App attach? According to many blockers have been removed. 

@Stefan Georgiev are there instructions for using app attach on premise using server 2022 and RDS?