MSIX app attach in Windows 10 multi-session update


The public preview of Windows 10 Enterprise multi-session is now available with support for MSIX app attach. Our new image is accessible via Azure Image GalleryMSIX app attach enables the dynamic delivery of MSIX applications. With MSIX app attach, you no longer need to maintain multiple master images for different applications or package all applications into a single image. The Windows 10 Enterprise multi-session 2004 makes it even easier to use MSIX app attach. 

Now that Windows 10 Enterprise multi-session 2004 is publicly available, all the participants in our MSIX app attach preview can test their applications in multi-session OS.  

Here are some partners who are already using MSIX app attach: 

  • VMWare is adding the ability to simplify the lifecycle management and delivery of MSIX app attach packages from withinApp Volumes. Check out an article by VMware with a Sneak Peek of MSIX app attach in App Volumes 4  
  • Rimo3 is working on announcing timeline for supporting MSIX and MSIX app attach. 
  • Liquit and Liquidware have already announced their support for MSIX/MSIX app attach in their solutions. 

For additional information on how you can take advantage of this preview, please visit 

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