MSIX app attach from MSIX bundles



This article covers the process of using an MSIX bundles with MSIX app attach in WVD. For more information on MSIX bundles please read here 


For this article we assume that the MSIX bundle has multiple version of the same application. Each version intended for different architecture. Further we will use the default language pack.  






  • A bundle (.MSIXbundle or .APPXbundle) 
  • MSIXMGR tool 

Prepare MSIX image 

Navigate to the folder where the MSIX bundles is located.  

Copy and rename the original.MSIXbundle to .Zip. 





Unzip the content into a folder and navigate to the folder.  

Inside find the *_x64.appx or *_x64.msix file. Use that file in as source package for the MSIXMGR. More details here. 

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