MSIX app attach, disks are mounted but shortcuts are not published

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Hi Team,

Till last two weeks all our MSIX app attach applications were working successfully. However, now we see the disks are mounted but the shortcuts are not published in start menu. In addition, for User 1 two app shortcuts are available out of 3 apps published, and for user 2 none of them are published. We did verify assignment in application groups and the state is active for the apps. Is there any pointers or log files we should be looking at to pinpoint the issue? We had raised an MS case, but no luck yet.
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Hi @RAJESHARADHYA and Community,
We have the same issue in our WVD appAttach environment.
Manual staging and registering apps works well. But in WVD with the MSIX appAttach (ARM), it seems not to register the apps for assigned users. VHDX disks are present (as showed in disk manager).
In the app feed the apps are shown and are working (more or less) as expected. The certificate was added to "Trusted People".
If anyone knows more about troubleshooting these issues, please help.
Thank you!
I have exactly the same problem. VHDs are mounted in Disk Manager, Apps listed in Apps & Features in the Control Panel, I can even launch the app via a file which extension points to the app itself. Only the start menu icon is missing.

When staging the apps as RemoteApp they also work fine. Only in the DAG, nothing shows in the start menu.

Must be a bug.
I had this issue and it turned out to be an issue with the start menu, not the MSIX apps.

A group policy relating to regional settings was causing problems with the start menu, causing it to kind of freeze its current settings.

I had to find the offending policy by dropping one of the session hosts into a clean OU and systematically going through them one by one. Once I found it I disabled the policy and deleted the FSLogix profile for the user. After this the start menu + MSIX works again.
I have something similar (kind of). App Attach applications are showing in Start Menu and launch fine. However, on removing app attach application, app shortcut remains in users start menu (FSLogix Profile).

Also occurs if I log onto a separate AVD (which has never had the app attach app presented to it). So 100% profile related.

Only way to resolve currently is to reset FSLogix Profile (which is a hammer to break a walnut approach).

Have logged a support call with MS. Be interested to know if others are experiencing this?

Many thanks


Try to put following Path to the FSLogix Redirection.xml 
<Exclude Copy="0">AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.Windows.StartMenuExperienceHost_cw5n1h2txyewy\TempState</Exclude>

It should help. 

You want to share the GPO what caused the problem? Thanks in advance.