macOS Remote Desktop client app - automatic logon (no credential prompt)

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Sorry if this isn't a good place to post this question. But I'm trying to locate the right place for macOS RDClient feedback now that UserVoice is being sunsetted.


I am trying to automate the launch of RD Client without prompting for a credential. The macOS RD client (GUI) allows storing passwords securely in the macOS Keychain and will use them to automatically log on when double-clicked from the bookmarks. On Windows, I understand there is a way to use a little-known "password 51:b:<myEncryptedPassword>" attribute to pass an encrypted string as a password from the .RDP file.


AFAICT there is no way to completely automate the RDP logon without password prompt on MacOS, for the following reasons:


- No way to pass a password credential (encrypted or otherwise) via the URL scheme
- No way to control the RDClient app via AppleScript
- Bookmarks within app support saving credentials in Keychain, but there's no way to initiate a connection to a 'bookmark' via the URL scheme (bookmarks are stored in a totally separate SQLite database, and password is not contained within)
- PowerShell-core does not support `SecureString` cmdlets, so the hidden `password 51:b:myEncryptedPassword` attribute does not work.

- No way to save an .RDP file or any shortcut/alias that includes the password (this would be bad for security even if it were possible!)


Anyone got an ideas here?

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Same here, please support encrypted `password 51` string!