Lag on NV24 Session Host in WVD

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We have a WVD Host pool Windows 10 Multiuser with FSLOGIX as the profile provider.


Current Environment is 7 x NV24 VM, limited to 20 users per host in USW2

Standard Microsoft 365 Apps (Word, Excel, Outlook).

Teams for Chat.  Not integrating voice.


IBM Access Client Solutions (5250 Emulation)

UDP Shortpath disabled.

10 Locations, Fiber 10MB Connection to Internet.  HQ is 100MB Fiber and has same issue.  120 users.


We have users across the board that experience lag throughout the day between 5 and 30 seconds.  When it occurs, we hear from multiple users that are connected to the same session host.

When it occurs, CPU/Memory is below 30%.


Servers are updated monthly, FSL and GPU Drivers are current.  Remote Desktop Client is current.


We have opened a ticket with MS several months ago, and are still fighting to get someone to own it.  We have heard the standard "it is bandwidth, we don't see anything, not our group", etc.  We have captured logs during a user lag and sent them.  But they can find anything.  They keep pointing to client, network even though we have told them when it happens it happens to multiple users on same server who are in different office locations.


We migrated from RDS in Azure using NV12 VM's and could get 30-35 users per server with no lag.  We did have other issues where a server would randomly reboot in RDS, but I would take that compared to this. 


Open to any suggestions from other NV Series WVD users who have experienced same.






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Thank you for bringing your problem to our attention, @JamesHerr 

To summarise, it appears you are experiencing lag on your Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) Host pool, affecting multiple users connected to the same session host. The lag occurs even though CPU/Memory usage is less than 30% and the servers are regularly updated. Am I getting this right?

That is correct. The lag affects all servers in the host pool at different times.

Thanks for clarifying@JamesHerr 


Have you tried escalating your Microsoft ticket to a Senior Support Engineer?


You may have already checked the following resources to troubleshoot the lag in your WVD host pool, but I don't see you mention it in your original post, so here are a few resources I gathered for you that may be useful: