Is an enhanced printing experience when connecting through browser to WVD a possibility?

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I am using Chrome to connect from Windows 10 1903 in my tests.


When I print I get a pdf file with a fixed name in the Downloads folder.

If if want to print it I have to click on the downloaded file to do so, even though I clearly stated my intent to print in the session. 

While it is possible to print this way, it is not an easy sell to users.

A common way to deal with similar problems in web applications is to pop a window with the PDF content. I can then select print or download as pdf from that window as I wish.  

The popped window would make the experience for a user a lot better and should not be a large effort to implement. 

Do you have any plans along these lines?



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@Johan_Eriksson : This a great suggestion. I'm not entirely sure, but will circulate this internally. Also, would you be able to add this to our UserVoice site so other customers can upvote this as well, as we prioritize work: ? Thanks!