Is 65 ms round trip latency ok?


I am working on my first deployment of WVD and am curious if latency is too high.

A tool I came across will show me the round trip latency, and it's at 65ms. 

I was reading that under 150ms is ok, but I'm not sure if that's acceptable in the real world. 

This is being run within the Session Desktop, not my local computer. 



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@John Quile The acceptable latency will vary depending  on  your use case but in  general you should be fine. Where  did  you find the  150  ms  number?


Thanks for reply. It just doesn't feel as "snappy" as my local computer, so I'm not sure if it's slow or naturally that way and to be expected. 


And the 150 figure I came across was from here:

For optimal performance, make sure your network meets the following requirements:

  • Round-trip (RTT) latency from the client's network to the Azure region where host pools have been deployed should be less than 150 ms.
  • Network traffic may flow outside country/region borders when VMs that host desktops and apps connect to the management service.
  • To optimize for network performance, we recommend that the session host's VMs are collocated in the same Azure region as the management service.