Intune/Endpoint Manager User Configuration Settings with AVD?

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Is it possible to use "User" settings in Configuration Profiles in Endpoint Manager with AVD?


I have been advised by Microsoft support that this is not possible. Only "Device" settings will work. Is this correct? What is the reason for this and will "User" policies be supported at some point? There are various User settings I would like to use that are not present in Device settings.

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@jmh_7 I haven't seen either User or Device settings working -- have you seen Device settings get applied via Intune?


I just deployed a Windows 11 Multi-session VM a few minute ago, with AAD-join and Intune.  The Intune portal simply shows all settings as "Not Applicable" — no idea why — and I can't get any settings to apply. (Notably apps do auto-install.)

@Nicholas Semenkovich Yes I do have device settings working. You should create an Azure AD group just for your VMs and add the required VMs to this group.

I have since found that only Device settings are supported according to this article: Using Azure Virtual Desktop multi-session with Microsoft Endpoint Manager | Microsoft Docs