Intune and Window virtual Desktop


Can we leverage Intune to manage Window Virtual desktop?  Is so is there any document about how it work.




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I was able to use Intune Enrollment with ADDS using self-service .

Unfortunately I can't do Azure AD Hybrid Join, so automatic Intune enrollment won't work.


You may be able to do so if

  • you deploy a replicated domain controller instead of ADDS
  • you use ADFS from your OnPrem Directory and manually set SCP in your ADDS deployment



Windows Intune is supported in virtual environments. It runs in virtual instances (such as XP Mode or just another client OS) on a physical desktop OS and is also supported for client OSs running in a data center virtual environment, which is common with Virtual Desktop Infrastructure environments.


Remember that you can’t run Windows Intune on any server OS, so you can’t install it on Hyper-V, nor can you use it on session-based virtualization products such as Remote Desktop Session Host (RDSH--formally known as Terminal Services). There is a scenario where Windows Intune isn’t supported in a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) environment. I`m sharing my experience as i use Intune for monitoring my employees device. Most of them are using Apps4Rent windows virtual desktop.


I`m still seeking to get an proper documentation regarding this.




From what I have been able to gather the Windows 10 ENT Multisession does not support Intune right now. The app when you attempt to install says it doesnt support this version of windows. The Windows UI doesn't have the option to login with a work account. Enrolling at is having some issues. I have gotten it to appear in Intune but none of the policies I have scoped are being deployed.

Such a shame that you can't manage VDIs via Intune

It would be really practical to include the WVD desktops as part of the broader fleet of devices

Can you explain how in detail (please?)