installing and executing azure cosmos db on WVD

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I am trying to install azure cosmos db emulator on Microsoft azure WVD. Before deployment, the emulator works. After deployment it does not. The error I get is a certificate 


Please HELP !


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With 'before and after' deployment; do you mean that you installed the emulator on a VM, SysPrepped it to create an Image and then used that image to deploy WVD hosts?

According to the documentation the installer of the emulator will also place a certificate on the machine. Can you see where it is stored (machine or user store)? Sysprep recreates the local admin user so if you installed it with that one then that's probably why its gone.

@YannickJanssens1986 Hi before deployment is when i only installed the software. I did not sysprep yet. It worked. After deployment-after sysprepping and deploying the image it does not work. I installed using local admin credentials. On campus students user their student accounts to login to the WVD. and this software does not work.