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Sorry for posting in this community over and over but we've been waiting for this product for a long while.  Back when it was branded RDMi.  Anyway, will we have some options to "brand" the HTML5 web page?  We feel that this is going to be a very important product for our travelling and strictly remote users.  It would be very cool if we had the ability to brand the page to be more in-line with our company logos and general look and feel of our intranet, etc.

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We are indeed looking into implementing UI branding features in the future. At this stage, we are still designing this experience and gathering data/requirements. 


Which component(s) of the web client would you like to be able to brand/customize and what type(s) of branded elements would your organization need to use to achieve this (e.g., images, background colors, sections of text, etc.)?

@briantaintor Yes, we are looking for all of these things.  It would be great to see a session host HTML5 page that is branded to our liking.  Makes it easier on the users.

I would like to know more about this feature and how to implement it as it required by many customer s @stevenzelenko