How to prevent mapped drives on local laptop from showing up in WVD Desktops


When I share a WVD Desktop, if my local laptop has a mapped network drive (for example, my home directory on the H: drive), it shows up in File Explorer on the WVD Desktop as "H on MyLaptopHostName".


I don't want it to do that.


Is there a way I can prevent that from being done without having to make changes to my local laptop?


I thought I had hit paydirt with the RDP custom property "drivestoredirect".  But that only prevents my laptop's hard disks from being shared.  It does nothing to prevent mapped network drives on my laptop from showing up on the remote desktop.


Anyone know of a way to prevent local mapped drives from showing up in File Explorer on a WVD Desktop? 

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@FortyMegabytes how did you configure the drivestoredirect property? You should be able to specify only the c: drive for example. Is that not working?

@David BelangerThe exact command I run is:

Set-RdsHostPool -Tenant $tn -Name $hpn -CustomRdpProperty 'drivestoredirect:s:J:K:C:'

It works for the C: drive, but *not* for the mapped network drives J: and K: drives.  I after looking at the online documentation for the 'drivestoreditect' property, it is only meant to be used for local hard disks, *not* locally-mapped network drives.


So I'm trying to figure out how to prevent locally-mapped network drives from showing up on the WVD desktop.