Full Desktop Users with local admin rights

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We have setup Pooled hostpool with two Azure Active Directory users accessing it remotely. The users are assigned to the Desktop Application Group with access to the full desktop.  We need these users to have local admin rights on the desktop so they can run programs as administrators. What is the way to make them local admins? I wasn't able to find any documentation. Thanks!

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I experience the same issue, can't configure local admin permissions.
Did you manage to solve this yet?

I did, with some help from Microsoft support:

If it is a small number of users you can log into the WVD VMs with a Domain Admin and add the users manually to the Local Administrators group.   Right Click the Start Button > Click Computer Management > Click Local Users and Groups > Double click Groups in the right pane > Double click Administrators and click Add.     For many users/computer you could use this article: https://social.technet.microsoft.com/wiki/contents/articles/7833.how-to-make-a-domain-user-the-local...