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Hoping someone here can help out with FSLogix issue. Environment = 250 + users, using Citrix Provisioning MCS, Single Session Windows 10 VDI (Windows 10 Version 1909) with FSLogix Version 2004 (2.9.7349.30108) being the profile manager. Below are the FSLogix GPO settings applied to Windows 10 Golden image, which then gets deployed to 250+ VDI.


Policy definitions (ADMX files) retrieved from the central store.FSLogix
Policy Setting Comment
Days to keep log files Enabled
Days to keep log files 14

Policy Setting Comment
Enable logging Enabled
All logs enabled

Policy Setting Comment
Enable logging: Profiles Enabled

Policy Setting Comment
Enable search roaming Enabled
Single-user search

Policy Setting Comment
Path to logging files Enabled
Path to logging files (\\local share host server 2016 server)

FSLogix/Profile Containers
Policy Setting Comment
Dynamic VHD(X) allocation Enabled

Policy Setting Comment
Enabled Enabled

Policy Setting Comment
Profile type Enabled
Normal direct-access profile

Policy Setting Comment
Set Outlook cached mode on successful container attach Enabled

Policy Setting Comment
Size in MBs Enabled
Size in MBs 20000

Policy Setting Comment
Store search database in profile container Enabled
Single-user search

Policy Setting Comment
VHD location Enabled
VHD location (\\localshare\%Username%)

Policy Setting Comment
Remove Orphaned OST Files On Logoff Enabled

Policy Setting Comment
VHDX sector size Enabled
512 bytes

Policy Setting Comment
Volume re-attach retry count Enabled
Volume re-attach retry count 2

FSLogix/Profile Containers/Container and Directory Naming
Policy Setting Comment
Virtual disk type Enabled


Issue: VHDX profile gets DISCONNECTED at exactly 10 Hours mark. Since the user profile is mounted to Windows 10 VDI upon log on, when the VHDX profile is disconnected, everything stops working. By everything i meant access to File explorer and all Applications stops and the VDI becomes completely unresponsive. If there were unsaved files, these would be lost. The only way to get around this is by getting user to sign out of the affected VDI. Start Menu and Task Manager remains functional, so users can click start and sign out. When they sign out, the VDI is automatically restarted and placed back to the VDI pool (Citrix MCS). When the same user starts another new session, they are assigned a new Windows 10 VDI and the countdown begins once again.
On the server that is hosting VHDX, we can see sessions getting dropped as soon as they hit 10 hours.
We narrowed down the issue by setting up a new Citrix UPM machine catalog, No FSlogix and the issue where profile gets disconnected after 10 hours does not occur.

We have tried the following:
• Able to replicate the issue with or without having any workload on VDI and by multiple users
• Removed the last installed MS patch (November 10, 2020—KB4586786. This KB had some Kerberos ticket issues, which we suspect to be the root cause especially on FSlogix Profile environment, but then again no prove, other than Microsoft acknowledgement of Kerberos issue on KB4586786. We have not yet applied the December patch but we rollback to previous month snapshot, but the issue persists.
• Stopped the Windows Search Service before the 10 hours mark as this one of the Service that stop as soon as the issue occurs
• Restart Windows Search Service just before the 10 hours mark
• Stopped Outlook Indexing

We’re contemplating on whether to upgrade to FSlogix Version 2009, but we’re not sure if this would fix the issue.

Please advise if you’ve come across this or similar FSLogix issue in the past.
Thank you for your help in advance.


@Gonzalo_Reyna  any suggestions please?


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@Magualeek Thanks for contacting us. I can certainly tell you that there is no FSLogix setting that would cause such situation and I have not seen anything like that. Considering that you are saying that it is exactly at the 10 hrs. mark, I would start a procmon trace a couple of minutes before the 10 hrs. mark and stop it after the disk is disconnected, then look for the processes that are started before VHDX gets disconnected. You can get procmon from here Process Monitor - Windows Sysinternals | Microsoft Docs.


If you need assistance analyzing the trace, I would strongly recommend you to open a support ticket.

Hi Magualeek,

Maybe to late, but 10 hours mark sound for me a Kerberos Ticket problem. I had the same problem and the Kerberos ticket was not renewed during the session. The Ticket will be only renewed if you do a re login from screensaver or similar. This was the point in my case. Use the command klist to watch Kerberos Tickets...

@Magualeek Did you ever get anywhere with this one. We have the same problem on Windows 10 Multi Session, session becomes pretty much unusable after 10 hours reliably.