FSLogix and Azure File Sync - Container Renaming Observation

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In planning to switch from a Windows IaaS File Server to using an Azure File Share on a Premium Storage account, we decided to use Azure File Sync to get all 8TB of the profile containers onto the new share in advance of a planned cutover.

For the most part this has worked out great.  But for some profiles, I've observed what looks like a probable AFS initiated renaming scenario where either the cloud endpoint (as the name  "Cloud") or the server endpoint's name is added as a suffix to the profile container name.  The end result is two different containers in a given users profile directory.

User Name = Joe.Cool
AFS Cloud Endpoint = Cloud
AFS Server Endpoint = Server1

Prior to using AFS, each users profile container is simply named as "Profile_Joe.Cool.VHDX" given the above scenario.
However, for some users I now have the normally named container plus an additional one with a suffix.  This is sometimes "Profile_Joe.Cool-SERVER1.VHDX" or "Profile_Joe.Cool-Cloud.VHDX".
So, an affected users profile path will look like and contain:




I'm assuming this may be the result of a partial sync condition if a user profile container session is attempted against an Azure File Share before the sync'd container has been completely updated by the sync process.
I have also observed that the interestingly named container is sometimes mounted for the user in their session.

Has anyone else see this?  I also am curious about the expected behavior for FSLogix in this scenario.  Will it always choose the new file with the suffix until an effort is taken to merge/consolidate the two files?

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Please check https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/storage/files/storage-files-faq
and particularly this question:

If the same file is changed on two servers at approximately the same time, what happens?

This is an expected behavior.


Yes, I've sinced understood that its the Azure File Sync service thats producing the additional files since its unable to resolve conflicts from locking etc.

But I still have a question about how the FSLogix agent will handle two containers in the same path.

Whatever the case, its mainly a curiosity at this point.  This scenario was transient given the migration phase and wouldnt typically be a persistent condition.

@Nagorg-Terralogic By default FSLogix will use the default value for VHDNameMatch that it is Profile*. In this case, i will just search for a file starting with Profile word. We would not expect to have two profiles (there would be no reason for it). More in deep explanation about how our different values will come into play are described here Using custom names for folders and containers - Microsoft Community Hub

In the rare case where there are 2 containers, both of which match Profile*, is there any additional ordering? (First file via alphabetical sorting, last modified date etc..?)
If you have two configured values for VHDLocations and both are available, and both shares have a file starting with Profile, then the first one will be considered. Now, having two values for VHDLocations does not mean that you have a high availability solution. If you want high availability, you need to look at Cloud Cache.