Friendly name not reflected

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Hi Team,

I have successfully Virtualized Windows Server 2016 datacenter image by following steps on

But even after creation of Hostpool with Friendly name, I am not able to see it on Virtual Desktop web client.

Command used for creation of hostpool 

$hpName = "demoHostPool"

New-RdsHostPool -TenantName $tenantName -Name $hpName -FriendlyName $hpName


Output of command which shows that Friendly name is added 


WVD web client display


Please let me know what I am missing by using Powershell and it works fine If I use Azure Portal


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@Rushabh The area covered in Red should be the friendly name of the WVD Tenant and the "Session Desktop" is from the friendly name of the app.  The Host Pool isn't really displayed to the end user.

@KitSMFX  Thanks for information :smile: