Error AADSTS700051

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We are testing to use Azure Virtual Desktop in Thinclient, but when you log in, it shows this error "AADSTS700051 response_type "token" is not enable for the application".
The oauth2AllowImplicitFlow option is enabled in the application as true, but the error still persists.
Is there any other option to validate?

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what Thin client are you using?
Dell Wyse 5070

@Bruno_Feltrin We started having this problem now. Where did you enable "oauth2AllowImplicitFlow " option? If you were able to resolve this issue please let us know. 

We are facing the exact issue wyse ..started on 1st Feb updates no change on client side ...same impacted users can login on windows pc n laptop 

Same here! Can get in touch via private message?
Guys, this problem presented on the Dell Wyse, we were unable to resolve it and as it was a POC, we ended up no longer using Azure Virtual Desktop on Wyse
Yes, and it now returns in full force, maybe different issue but same errors etc.. ;)
For us its a working setup over almost 2 years for 400 users ..its all started yesterday woth 1 user and now reached 11 ...

@Kubaib - Same issue here - Started with 2 yesterday - 20 today

we have the same issues, started with 1 on Tuesday afternoon and increased to 5 today. this all on a working setup for almost a year with 180 users.
Please all, open a case with Dell (and MS), don't hesitate to share it with me so we can also push it back in our ticket at Dell.
Yes. Feel free to message me.

@KristofH - Any updates? I am hoping so

MS is searching but I'm afraid only during CET business hours. Dell has forwarded it to engineer, and engineering will contact MS support. (so they say)
Dell also confirmed they have many impacted customers.
For faster updates, join :)
How can I join this slack group?