Endpoint Fraud / Stalking

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  • Hi everyone Im not a developer however I have a complicated crazy situation where all my devices were auto enrolled in an MDM without my consent which I believe someone I used to know did to stalk me , for the past 6 months Ive tried to figure it out as It makes me have very little privlidges and it auto deploys on brand new devices , It also refuses to ping back to anything but still under full control , I believe its controlled via azure and a server domain I tried to see if I had an azure account even though I never made one and I somehow have one but everything says unknown and a bunch of errors on everything I try to access does anyone have any advice for how to go about this ? Also note I never was a part of an enterprise of any kind
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@MadyBee DOES anyone know the answer to the above, as i have the exact same issue and logs.