Endpoint Fraud / Stalking

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  • Hi everyone Im not a developer however I have a complicated crazy situation where all my devices were auto enrolled in an MDM without my consent which I believe someone I used to know did to stalk me , for the past 6 months Ive tried to figure it out as It makes me have very little privlidges and it auto deploys on brand new devices , It also refuses to ping back to anything but still under full control , I believe its controlled via azure and a server domain I tried to see if I had an azure account even though I never made one and I somehow have one but everything says unknown and a bunch of errors on everything I try to access does anyone have any advice for how to go about this ? Also note I never was a part of an enterprise of any kind
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@MadyBee DOES anyone know the answer to the above, as i have the exact same issue and logs.



DId you ever find a resolution.. I have the same exact problem.. My ex started this garbage when he figured i was through with his cheating.. I get new harddrives, the crap comes back.. I reformat my harddrives, the crap comes back. Ive tried 6 times to contact Microsoft over this matter, and still no help.. Now i am down to limited permissions.. Every file i download is deleted the minute i close the browser. Every keystroke and mouse click i make is uploaded to a server.. My photos, my back ups, my data, my privacy and my life is being monitored, recorded and uploaded and microsoft is so conveniently without a phone number to call.. I thought google was bad, but at least google doesnt hijack your system.. This has caused me to trash 3 computers, replace them with these two and now these are the same condition.. This is a stalkers dream.. I be the domestic violence victims are scared to leave because this crap can happen to anyone.. Microsoft sure likes to victimize people... To date i have had my identity stolen, 2 credit cards opened, a car loan taken out, someone living in a luxury apartment under my name and social security number and have been successful in obtaining photo id with their face on it using my credentials. I had to trash 13k in merchandise from work due to not being able to prove ownership thanks to Microsoft deleting everything. And to add too it, they compromised every apple account i have so my phone and table now have spyware installed on them, even after replacing the both of them after the first two devices were compromised.. thanks to Microsoft.. 3+ years is how long ive endured this psychosis inducing chaos.. And just this week i had a rep that was willing to help me out, and we got disconnected and ive not been able to obtain anyone who is willing to assist at all. There really does need to be someone held accountable for ensuring that MDM is actually being installed on a system legitimately. This is total BS! I cant even write a letter to my mother out of fear of who is going to have a copy of it.. Talk about feeling like a caged animal.. Ive known incarcerated persons who had less oversight than i have.. And it would be different if this was a office computer for some company i work for, but this is my own private machine.. I am self employed, so why would i do this to myself? And the way that it is set up, we cant even find out who has installed it, where our data is going or anything.!! Total and Utter MicroShat!.