Embedding remote desktop web client in IFrame

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we are currently working on a custom solution for a customer that builds upon Virtual Desktop. We have built a "cloud hub" website where the user manages everything from their profile, storage, viewing costs and dashboards.


The customer would like to embed the Azure Virtual Desktop web client inside this website (i.e. not opening a new browser window/tab). Is this possible today?


I tried creating a simple test.html with only an iframe tag and the page (as shown below). See attached image for result:

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://rdweb.wvd.microsoft.com/arm/webclient/index.html" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
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Hi !

I am also working on this scenario.
Currently I have the same behavior with an infinite loading spinner.
I have a more detailed error in the console :
Unhandled rejection BrowserAuthError: redirect_in_iframe: Code flow is not supported inside an iframe. Please ensure you are using MSAL.js in a top frame of the window if using the redirect APIs, or use the popup APIs. (window.parent !== window) => true

I found a barely related issue in Github about MSAL behavior in Teams app custom tab :
Nothing helpfull for me at this moment ...

Any progress on you side ?

Any updates?
Unfortunaltely not, I stopped working on this scenario until I find some news on this

@Victor_Marante I have the same problem and it would be extremely useful for us to embed this into our company web app. What would be even better is if we could stream the app itself in an <iframe> without the web client header, or at least be able to configure which items in the header display.


@JMTeamway I'm going to explore https://github.com/AzureAD/microsoft-authentication-library-for-js further, but I feel like this is a much needed use case that could do well with official guidance.


@Hilary_Braun @David Belanger @Christian_Montoya or anyone else from Microsoft who may be best suited to solving this?

Were you able to get this working? @DavidMD 

@Nitheshb Nope. I'm disappointed there's been no helpful response to this question, and I've found no solutions for it searching online.

Thanks @DavidMD . I will try alternatives then.