Default Printer in WVD

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Hi everyone,

Could Windows Virtual Desktop not save the default printer of a user session?

After every new login, the setting is wrong


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I'm facing a similar issue - user has to set their default printer every time they login. Any way to resolve, Microsoft?
Anyone figured this out yet? It's haunting me!

It depdend what you want. This is the same thing as RDS server.
The default printer can be managed at multiples levels.
1st Level: RDP Client Advanced settings
2nd Level: Server policies (GPO/Registery keys)
3rd Level: Active Directory user settings. (Does not work with AADDS, the setting is locked)

By default the RDP client will redirect the printer of the user then set it by default.
So at the end of the day it is a case by case basis.

Did anybody get to the bottom of this issue. We are facing the same issue default printer seems to change everytime a user logs in. It seems this is be caused by a delay in network printers appering so the default is set to a locally installed printer or Virtual printer.



Any update on this actually? We have been having the same issues aswell.

@AnDGy I'd love to see WVD print the same way as RDP does. It doesn't. Frustrating trying to bring customers to the cloud this way.  Have Microsoft fixed this yet?  Can we print to a REAL printer from a WebClient session yet or are we still forced to accept 2 step printing still - printer to PDF (which does NOT by default go your the local PC/downloads folder) and then print the real printer from there?

I had this issue a few months ago, where printers deployed through Group Policy only appeared several seconds after users logged on, meaning their default printer would be change. Not that it probably helps, but the only way I could resolve it was to deploy the printers locally on the hosts (which is rubbish, but a least it worked).


The printers strangely also never showed when going into Devices and Printers in Control Panel, yet were all visiible when going to File > Print within an application! Is that something you're experiencing as well?



@tilikumtim I'm having this exact issue right now for one of our clients. Adding them locally and having them redirect is such a crappy solution. Did you ever engaged MS support? Did they get back to you with any sort of real solution?



Have anyone tried the fix from the RDS enviroment:


Add the following registry key on the RD-Servers:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Print\Providers\Client Side Rendering Print Provider

REG_DWORD: RemovePrintersAtLogoff


This will basically prevent the printers being removed each time the users log off/disconnect which will subsequently prevent the corruptions. 




I have not tried that yet, did you use it in your environment?



No i have not tried it. We have the same issue with default printer changing by itself. Our enviroment is however Windows Virtuel Desktop WVD and not RDS. The problem is the same.



I am having the issue in WVD as well, not in an RDS environment.



Ok. Our hosting partner have opened a case with Microsoft regarding the issue.


Hope they find a solution.

Any update on this?



Is there a solution to this yet?
I have a WVD solution and every time users jump from lan to wifi change their default printer.

After some further research I found that setting this GPO fixed the issue for us. The default no longer was set after each login. Hope this helps!

Computer Configuration\Administrative Templates\Windows Components\Remote Desktop Services\Remote Desktop Session Host\Printer Redirection\Do not set default client printer to be default printer in session to "Enabled"