Conditional access policy Azure Virtual Desktop Require MFA and Sign-in frequency

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Hi all,


I want to share this information:


Conditional access policy settings:

- Users: all or selected group of users

- Cloud apps:

Azure Virtual Desktop (9cdead84-a844-4324-93f2-b2e6bb768d07)

Microsoft Remote Desktop (a4a365df-50f1-4397-bc59-1a1564b8bb9c)

- Conditions > Client apps > Modern authentication clients: Browser and Mobile apps and desktop clients

- Control: Grant access > Require multifactor authentication

- Session: Sign-in frequentie > Periodic reauthentication

A notification will be shown: "Some of the applications currently selected are not compatible with the "Sign-in frequency" option of "Every time"".  


I had a call with MS support regarding this notification: Microsoft doesn't see Azure Virtual Desktop as a "Microsoft native app" but as a "third-party app", however Azure Virtual Desktop can be used in combination with the "Sign-in frequency" option.

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