Can wipe my WVD / AVD profile on session host and start fresh?

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I would like to start fresh on my AVD sessions. It seems like my profile has become corrupted in some way. My desktop background has disappeared and will not re-apply, and Outlook, Teams, and OneDrive have stopped working correctly.  I've tried lots of things to resolve. It appears to be only myself though.  On our session host pool, or on session host template, if I log in as admin, it is fine. But when I log in as myself things are messed up.

Is there a way to start fresh? Maybe an FSLogix way?

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The easist way is to rename/delete your profile where the profile is stored. The next time you logon a new folder and vdh will be created.

@Raymond SmithDo you use FSLogix right now? That is going to be the easiest way to avoid profile corruption.


Here are some links:


How to configure the profile container

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