Can't send email threw Outlook Add-in

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I've recently deployed Windows Virtual Desktop for one of my costumers. I configured my session hosts with new CRM system and Office applikations, every user is also authenticated to Office 365 apps.


This costumer is working on their local PC with RemoteApp configured for accessing their CRM in Session Hosts.


The CRM system has Office add-ins. So they can send emails from their CRM System.

When they click on Send Email, the Outlook window pops up, as it should. 

But when they decide to send the email, the Outlook window is closed, and the email is never sent.


The only way to fix this issue is to open the Outlook client from Remote Desktop Client (the one that is allocated to them threw workspace)


Problem is that my users are used to using their local recources as much as possible, is there any fix to this without forcing them to switch to RemoteAPP outlook instead of locally installed outlook program?


Thanks! <3

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Not sure if this will fix the problem, but you could create a batch file that starts the two applications and publish the batch file as an application.  I did a quick test with Paint and Notepad and was able to get both applications to launch from one published app.  Maybe try starting Outlook with the /min switch?

Hi Travis,

If i do the batch file that opens both Outlook and CRM, then "workspace" outlook will open for the user, and in this case my users only want to use their locally installed Outlook. This so i can save on Resources and easier for user.
Hey Travis,

Not sure if i understand it properly, please correct me.
Should i do a batch file that opens both Outlook and CRM system? Should Outlook be minized or regular?

Also, I have tired opening Outlook on the user profile and have it on the background but did not solve the issue.

Hello @Travis Roberts 


I have tried making a batch file that opens both Outlook and CRM at the same time, it works fine.

Problem is that, Outlook is not minized, so it's opened in taskbar.


Any ideas ? 

What i would need to fix this issue would be if, RDS Outlook somehow only was open in system tray.

@SamirAbdouCloud the "start /min" command will start applications minimized.  That may get what you are looking for but I haven't tried it with WVD.  

I tried making a batch file that
Start /min Outlook.exe but it appears in system tray but also in task bar (which is not the solution im looking for, only want it in background so it can trigger send/recieve)

I managed to find a script, that worked fine on my local pc

But when add this script, to the batch file and publish it as application it does not get minized as a remoteapp.

Starting to give up, just does not seem to be a solution here, feels like i have been searching the whole internet to fix this