Can't Access RemoteApp threw




I just did my first windows virtual desktop deployment ever, i went threw many of the guides on both youtube and on microsoft docs. Finally i was able to log in threw and see my workspace applications but when i try to connect to them i just get stuck in "trying to remote connect"


Any ideas? Help would be appreicated


image attached with issue

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Can you please to connect with the Windows Desktop Client? you can install it from:
If you still have the same issue. Please use feedback hub to file a feedback, with Category = Apps\Remote Desktop. Please share the link after you file the feedback.

@Soo Kuan Teo 


This one worked!

Thanks for the reply, very thankful!

@SamirAbdou1999 When connecting with the webclient, click on "Show details" to continue the connection. You might be hitting a known issue and a fix is on its way.