Can someone explain what a Validation Environment is?

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I can't tell what a Validation Environment is based on the documentation.

Is is just a separate HostPool from my production HostPool?

Why can't I just create another hostpool and use that for testing?  What's the difference between that and a hostpool that has a marking of Validation Environment?

The documentation is awful.

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Hi @jsebast1245, the validation environment is the canary ring and new Windows Virtual Desktop features like e.g. MSIX App Attach is enabled here first. 


With canary deployments, we deploy a new function set or code in a small part of the production infrastructure. Once the function is signed off for release, only a few users are routed to it. This minimizes any impact.


For your personal internal tests you can use a separate host pool. But new service feature will be available in the validation environment first.