Can i access my USB devices from Windows Virtual Desktop?

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Hi everybody. Is it possible if WVD accesses remote USB device like remote mouse or keyboard? Please give me some guide for it. Thanks for your help. 

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@Hau_Le - yes you can. It's supported through the standard RDP connection. You'll need to enable the function if you haven't already.



@Chris Jones - thanks for reply, but i wanna use usb remote in WVD client and Remote Desktop Connection probably not supported.Capture.PNG

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Hi @Hau_Le ,


You still can manipulate these settings, using the Set-RdsHostPool cmdlet with the -CustomRdpProperty parameter.


If you look at the supported settings, you will find the drivestoredirect setting, controlling the drive mappings. If you set this CustomRdpProperty to drivestoredirect:s:*, all new devices should be available as well


I did the test with a USB Drive and a USB Keyboard, both became available during an active session.


Hi @michawets ,

Thank you for your reply,


I tried to use the CustomRdpProperty with drivestoredirect setting and it was detect C, D drives in my desktop.

But, i'm expecting that WVD can detect some USB device like Phone or peripheral but it don't. I try to find RDP setting parameter to redirect USB device but i don't have any result.

I have the same issue as this. I have a biometric device, and I installed all the necessary required Softwares and drivers. But the device is not showing up in the device manager in the WVD environment. I have checked the screenshot which you have shared below, not able to view the drivers in RDP connection local resource settings. Any help or suggestion is much appreciated@Chris Jones 

@gadmin285 I also would like to have this functionality working. The interesting thing is it does work if you use a direct RDP to the WVD pool member with the flags included above.


The article on customrdpproperty does offer the same functionality as Azure RemoteApp did back in the old days.

As well, from looking at the roadmap documentation this will be a more Horizon/Citrixesque flow later with the new Azure.Virtualization cmdlets.


But for the time being, is there some way we can redirect scanners and USB peripherals to the service through the desktop client?

So many practical uses for this.