Azure Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) deploying - is access to internet required?

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I am deploying WVD and everything is working fine if I'm using vnet/subnet with access to Internet.  

However, if I'm using subnet with NO access to Internet it finish deployment successfully, but the Hosts (VMs) never appear under Session Hosts...  I think they need to download some binaries from the web and that's why it's failing...

I also tried to manually install Agent (with registration key from my Host Pool) and Boot loader, but it still does not work. 


Is access to the web for Session Hosts a requirement for WVD deployment?


Thank you!

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Hi @Oleg_A, the host VMs need access to the RDBroker service over 443 - not complete internet access, but you'll need to adjust your NSG or Vnet service connections to allow the destinations set out here:



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@AndyWalman - this has a list of mandatory URLs that the session host needs access to (apart from WVD broker).

@AndyWalman, @Pavithra Thiruvengadam 


Thank you for your help, guys!!! Really appreciated!


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