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We have a solution where we provide an application using Azure Remote Desktop and we are experiencing session drops. What the user experiences is they are in the middle of a session and typing in the application and all of a sudden the Azure Remote Desktop session disappears. It is like they clicked the X at the top of the screen to close. We have a lot of people experiencing this from several locations. Unfortunately there is no error message to relay. I was hoping that someone else has experienced this issue and they had a solution.


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Mike H.

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This problem has been resolved with the latest Azure Remote Desktop client. See last item in the update list below.

Updates for version 1.2.2925
Date published: 03/08/2022

Download: Windows 64-bit, Windows 32-bit, Windows ARM64

Fixed the vulnerability known as CVE-2022-21990.
Fixed the vulnerability known as CVE-2022-24503.
Fixed an issue where background updates could close active remote connections.

Before this fix posted yesterday, we were able to verify the problem and here are the details:

Microsoft creates a task for the Azure Remote Desktop client that runs every four hours. If that task ran while a session was up and the MSRDC was closed, the application would disappear like someone had killed the task in the Task Manager. We also saw that every time the task ran, it was trying to install an update and complaining about not having admin access. Weird thing was if the MSRDC was open, it wouldnt close the application which made this issue really hard to troubleshoot as things were so intermittent for our customers. Some customers didnt have an issue, others had problems on a regular basis, others indicated they had the problem a couple times but not on a regular basis. Either way, The update that posted yesterday fixes the issue. After I installed it, I couldnt duplicate the issue. I just wanted to post this just in case others had the same issue.

Mike Hartman