Azure Virtual Desktop service limits are now included in the Azure service limits documentation


After listening to customer feedback, we have listed the Azure Virtual Desktop service limits in the Azure service limits documentation.


Many customers have asked us for a simple way to view the limits of Azure Virtual Desktop. We have listened and now include service limits in the existing documentation along with similar limits for other Azure services.


This information is often essential when architecting an Azure Virtual Desktop solution. Customers are already using the Azure service limits documentation when architecting and deploying other Azure services. This is an essential document that many customers make frequent use of. If you haven't already used this document then we highly recommend you make use of it here.


The Azure Virtual Desktop product team has added the current limits of the Azure Virtual Desktop service into the documentation. The direct link is available here. For reference, the current Azure Virtual Desktop object limitations are:


Azure Virtual Desktop Object Parent Container Object Service Limit
Workspace Azure Active Directory Tenant 1300
HostPool Workspace 400
Application group Azure Active Directory Tenant 5001
RemoteApp Application group 500
Role Assignment Any Azure Virtual Desktop Object 200
Session Host HostPool 10,000


1If you require over 500 Application groups then please raise a support ticket via the Azure portal.


We will keep these details up to date to reflect any changes made to the service as it grows over time.


One such change was actually made recently. My colleague @Vidya Nagarajan announced that we have increased the Application Groups per Azure Active Directory tenant from 200 up to 500. This will make it easier if you are managing large and complex deployments.


As always, we encourage your feedback. Please feel free to submit that here


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