Azure Virtual Desktop Black Screen and Login Freeze

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I have a new AVD deployment but using an old Server 2016 image but has latest Windows updates. We appear to have issues with multi monitor set ups, not single monitor. I have found that when logging into the AVD using the Remote Desktop Client (Latest build 1.2.4582 but also happening on older builds), session reacts fine for a while but intermittently when users attempt to reconnect to their session from a break or occasionally on first logon, one screen appears to freeze with the login circle freezing, or the entire screen just appearing to be black. The other screen shows the desktop fine.No events on the host to indicate an FSlogix issue, which is also patched fully and uptodate. Only fix is to close client and open again. Appears to be an issue or perhaps bug with Remote Desktop Client, as haven't been able to replicate via web client yet.


Cannot see any event logs either side. Drivers also checked.


I did spot Remote Desktop Client May Releases causing problems when moving App to another Monitor. - Microsoft ... which sounded similar. 


Anyone else seen this?

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Hey wheelerlewis,

The latest FSlogix versions are buggy. I advise all my customers not to update FSlogix but to keep using the most stable version, FSLogix 2201 hotfix 2 (2.9.8228.50276). I can provide a link to this version if needed. You can contact me via PM.

It seems like we "had" the same issue. The main difference is we don't use FSlogix.

The problem seems to have resolved itself over time. Will keep monitoring.

The latest update to the client read:
Added new parameters for multiple monitor configuration when connecting to a remote resource using the Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) scheme.

Would it be.. will it be?
So far so good on my end. The number of reports from our employees also went down. Not everyone has the client 100% up-to-date (no intune deployment unfortunately) but it appears the issue got addressed. 

Do you guys still experience it after updating to v1.2.4677?

This sounds promising! Rolling this version out today and will report back within a couple of weeks.