Azure AD tenant is different and Azure Subscription where my Host pool is hosted in different tenant

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Thanks in advance, query is mentioned below.


I have one scenario, Azure AD Tenant (A) is bind to Azure Subscription where my virtual desktop host pools are hosted. Tenant (B) is hosting my Users where my RDS tenant will be registered and also users with M365 Licenses will be hosted? Is that allowed and supported?

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I was waiting for the reply but then I got the hands-on with multiple tenant and I created the above environment. It is working flawlessly. so we can create Azure Subscription in different tenant and Azure AD where users are syncing can be in different tenant. it's possible.



I have same scenario here. Can you please explain how you achieved that?


Is it applicable for the new version of Virtual Desktop?

Since the latest portal version of WVD came out, this is not possible. 
Subscription should reside in the same tenant.