AVD - User signs out of host pool, logged out of Office 365 and OneDrive

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Hey all, sorry as I'm a newbie here taking over the role of someone higher who left and don't fully understand AVD but are supporting and learning about it.


Quick Question - If a user signs out of a host pool, is it normal for them to be logged out of Office 365 and OneDrive as well?


If not, what settings should I be looking into to resolve this?

This happens to all users and FSLogix doesn't seem to be producing any space errors.



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The sign-out of O365 and OndDrive means sign-out the office application?

Hi anthonyccbk,

Can you please share your configured FSLogix registry keys?


Hi @anthonyccbk

We resurfaced your question during today's session of AMA: Windows in the Cloud - October 18, 2023! Please see the panel's answer at around 34:45.

Thank you! It's managed by Nerdio but redoing the Gold Image seemed to have resolved the issue.