AVD Teams Video and Screen Sharing Dislocated

Copper Contributor

A high proportion of our 400 users on AVD are regularly experiencing issues when dialled into a Teams call in AVD with the video streams (either participants webcams or screen sharing) not lining up with the actual Teams application as if the image and application have become dislocated.  We assume this is related to the use of WebRTC where the client 'draws' those streams on top of the AVD session.  We note this issue started occurring more frequently since switching to the Teams 'new meeting experience'.  After conducting a user survey, we discovered Teams video/screen sharing dislocation is one of the biggest bugbears amongst our user base along with the usual it crashes often, laggy, poor audio etc.  Has anyone else experienced the dislocation issue? 

We have a Premier ticket logged with Microsoft and any evidence from the wider community would help put some weight behind this ticket and bump it up the priority queue.  


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