AVD Sluggish for ONE user

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We have 3 AVD hosts running, and all is running fine except for one user, who claims his email is constantly freezing up and everything runs slow. He was only disconnecting, not signing off, so I thought that could have been the issue. It's not, the user claims to now be signing off yet the slowness and freezing is still going on, and I am not sure how to solve the issue. 


The hosts are rebooted every night, and as stated, he's the only one having these issues. I thought it might be the profile and that deleting the profile might solve the issue. Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated. 

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Hi, we surely need more details to understand your AVD setup, but I'd try to isolate this to make sure that it has nothing to do with the following:
1. Check resource usage (RAM, CPU, Network, etc) and see if they are close to 100%
2. Check user's internet connection (assuming that they are all working from home and not in the office). You can use the Experience Estimator tool to measure latency from user's location and the provisioned VM. https://azure.microsoft.com/en-gb/products/virtual-desktop/assessment/#estimation-tool
I'd probably rule out these things before I dive any further.
Resource usage is fine, no other users are having issue. Internet connection is also fine. They can be ruled out.