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We recently moved a client from Citrix to AVD. We believe we've got them settled but we have a constant battle with them stating they get disconnected.  The client referenced that Citrix seems to work a lot better than AVD which is a bit of a downer to be honest.

Looking at insights gateway the one thing that pops out is the ConnectionBrokenMissedHeartbeatThresholdExceeded (267) error, looking at the session hosts, and at the specific time the user got this error message nothing is posted into the event logs. 


We also see this at other clients, is this a red herring or is it something that needs further looking at.

Is this heartbeat back to AVD to show availability?

Can the threshold be changed?

Any diagnostics I can be looking at, all AVD Gateways are available and accessible from the session hosts. No errors in the event logs that I can see.


Really want to improve the experience of AVD for the customer.



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do you have the required URLs whitelisted?

you need to whitelist these URLs on session host side:

Azure Virtual Desktop required URL list - Azure | Microsoft Docs


an these on client side:

Azure Virtual Desktop required URL list - Azure | Microsoft Docs


these URLs need to be whitelisted on all firewall, proxy, 3rd party AVs, ...
Proxy server guidelines Azure Virtual Desktop - Azure | Microsoft Docs


Many times this error is caused by the AVD traffic being filtered or high RTT:

Troubleshoot Azure Virtual Desktop connection quality | Microsoft Docs


hope this helps.



have in mind by default citrix is using a stateless UDP protocol while AVD by default still uses TCP. you will always lose the performance battle right now.





Thanks for the reply, yes they are all whitelisted, the event log shows that all URL's are accessible.

We saw it a lot more yesterday, can't really work it out or is it just a connection quality issue from the end user.




Hi, did you ever find a solution?

We're experiencing exact the same issue in our environment.


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