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We have a migration plan for future from Vmware horizon VDI to Azure Virtual desktop (AVD).

While checking & comparing VDI vs AVD, 1 thing which is really very important is that we want copy paste from local to AVD and block copy paste from AVD to local.

Seems this in not possible in AVD. Either it will completely block the clipboard (copy/ paste) or enable both ways copy/ paste.


In Horizon VDI it is possible to have one way copy paste i.e. from local to VDI only. No VDI to local can be blocked and that is provided by GPO set from VMware.


Hope something like this also exists in AVD because we deal with PHI related information & do not wants users to paste remote contents outside VDI.


Any possibility or workaround with AVD?


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@Kidd_Ip none useful.

Unfortunately, this is not possible today with AVD, but hopefully, Microsoft will release it as a feature in the future :) As a work-around what most companies do is have 2 host pools, one with clipboard enabled and one with disabled. You then allow only your internal users access to the clipboard-enabled host pool and any external users or contractors to the host pool with the clipboard disabled.

@AnkurVeee Only one directional clipboard redirection is not possible. I have not tried it yet but this blog explains how you can limit clipboard functions (e.g. allow text):


I wonder if the GPO template they mentioned for Win11 also works on Win10.
I need to give it a try. But thanks for letting me know.

I was on PTO & this is good news upon my return.