Auto Subscribe to a Workspace in remote desktop client

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Dear AVD peers,

We are in the process of deploying AVD on a large number of thin clients in our school. These thin clients will be accessed by multiple users in a public area

The Windows Desktop client currently requires users to click "Subscribe" to access their assigned workspace. I would like to know if there is an option to AutoSubscribe by storing the feeddiscovery URL? preferably via regedit or local group policy. We do not have Endpoint manager. 


I have reviewed the instructions on this page and it seems promising but doesnt work in my environment. 


With many thanks


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Have you investigated setting up autosubscribe via DNS, so users just need to enter in their email address to authenticate?

@Luke Murray  thanks for the reply. 
Yes we have configured feed discovery via a txt record in dns. and works fine. 
im looking to bypass the initial “subscribe” window(Auto subscribe) as described on the article linked on my original question. This feature is available in MEM and I’m hoping to do the same with regedit or powershell.

@Luke Murray Thank you so much for the help.
Yes I’ve tried both suggestions and verified the referenced registry key is added, however the client is still requiring us to press “subscribe” and input the feedurl or email.
What I’d like is to store the feedurl somewhere in the client during thin client deployment
I don’t know what’s missing.