Auto-LogOff User after closing last application

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Moin (Hello together), 

Is there a way to have a session automatically logged out when the user closes their last application.
We only run published applications in our environment and no desktops. I would like to implement it so that the user session is logged off directly when the user closes his last application. From that point on the time defined in the MaxIdleTime runs.
- User has no more applications open (last application closed = direct logout of the session).
- User is no longer working, but applications are still open = logout after the defined MaxIdleTime.

Is there a way to implement this?


As a workaround and additional way to logout we have provided another "Logout" application to the users, where a "shutown /l /f" is executed.


Thanks for the support.

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Hi Dennis,

did you ever get an answer to your question?




Hello @OSuperfly68,

No, unfortunately we have not found a way for this.

As a workaround, we have built a logout application for our users and taught the colleagues that this should be executed at the end of the working day.

@Dennis_Schierenbeck I know I'm like 8 months late but check out the "Set time limit for logoff of RemoteApp sessions" GPO Setting. It works for us. We have it set to 5 Min and if all apps are closed in a session the session is terminated after 5 min of no other app being launched.



Old topic I know but we solved this by setting the GPO:

- Set time limit for active but idle Remote Desktop Services sessions to 1 hour.
- Set time limit for logoff of RemoteApp sessions to Immediately.

I've tested this and even when OneDrive launches with the app, as soon as I close the last app my session logs off.

You can also set the last setting to one minute. Because when the user closes the last app and immediately wants to start a new app you may run into issues when the logoff is still in process.

We are still testing this.