App Attach with Remote App fails

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I setup Notepad++ using App Attach in my WVD environment. If I login to a desktop session, it works flawlessly. However, it perpetually fails when launching from a Remote App. (Error in the screenshots) I was wondering if anyone else had done this successfully? (I've seen a few articles elsewhere which seem like it should.)

I kind of suspect that it is a timing issue, as if the registration script hasn't completed before the app launches. I tried to fix this by disabling the logon script delay and running logon scripts synchronously. It still behaves the same way after these changes, so perhaps I am on the wrong track.

Error.pngLogon processing.pngscript script.png

2020-12-07 08_27_00-Inbox - - Outlook.png

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@TomB The issue is how you activate the MSIX app you cannot use the C:\temp\apppattach\notepad.. type of path to start Modern apps (this include MSIX) 


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