Any more info on Roadmap feature "Windows Virtual Desktop latency improvement in Europe and Japan"?

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I'm referring to feature 56498 (below). Is there any more details on this? I see it has been changed to launched.

We're finding that the Experience Estimator is showing lower latency to West Europe but our deployment is in North Europe and I'm hoping this might help.


Windows Virtual Desktop latency improvement in Europe and Japan


ITPros have increased choice to pick the region best-suited to them to deploy their VMs. End users get optimal experience that is only dependent on the latency between their client and Azure region and not on VM to WVD infra.


  • Featured ID: 56498
  • Added to Roadmap: 10/17/2019
  • Last Modified: 12/13/2019
  • Tags: General Availability, Windows Virtual Desktop, All environments
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@David Brophy: We won't be more granular than this at this point. Latency is impacted by different variables so the actual latency might differ from what you see in the estimator.

@David Brophy : Confirming that this did rolllout! Basically, the end-user connections rely on connecting through the WVD Gateway to establish the trusted end-to-end connections. This indicates that we rolled out service instances to Europe, so now you should expect to see lower latency between the user and the Gateway and the Gateway to the VM, since it's closer.

@Christian_Montoya  Thank you for the clarification. Is it possible to confirm if there are gateway instances in North Europe? It would be beneficial to know as we could deploy to West Europe instead of North Europe of that's the case.


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@David Brophy : Actually, I need to make a correction, since we only deploy to Azure geographies, since we are a geographical service.


If/when we move to a regional service, we will have more information on the Azure location/datacenters where we deploy.