Allow the the user to start his machine

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In case I have personal desktop group ( not pooled). What's the optimal way of saving computing cost?

I have a planned shut down after working hours, can the end user power on his machine?

I have reviewed the delegation capabilities but this seems to be more for support staff rather than end user self service access.


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@AmineG : Within Windows Virtual Desktop, we don't have an optimized mechanism for a user to self-service and turn on/off their machine.


However...if you want to grant this to users, you could most likely:

  1. Identify the virtual machine the user is assigned to
  2. Grant them the Virtual Machine Administrator Login role on the VM object

This would then allow them to go into the Azure portal, then turn on their machine before connecting remotely. If these are too large of permissions, you can also create your own custom RBAC role.


This is primarily brainstorming, but sounds like it should apply to your scenario!