Admin user unable to access Remote Desktop

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I've just setup a new WVD, but am unable to access a remote desktop using the global admin account that was used to create WVD. It seems to be failing when authenticating at the RD gateway.

A new AzureAD user account I created is able to access the remote desktop and login successfully.

I have added and checked both my admin account and the new test account are in the desktop application group (get-rdsAppGroupUser)


From another server on the same subnet as the new WVD vm I am able to RDP to it and login successfully. So it appears my admin account is valid and can login to the remote desktop. It just seems to be stopped at the RD gateway!


Get-RdsDiagnosticActivites simply states "Outcome: Failure"


Any suggestions to troubleshoot please?

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Hi @JonBeattie ,


Could you run the Get-RdsDiagnosticActivites cmdlet with the -Detailed parameter on that activity, and expand the Errors property from the outcome of the cmdlet?

That should give more information on the issue